Next-Generation Telecoms for Business

IP telephony is now a mainstream technology across all sectors of the economy, used by millions of users in the UK and worldwide. Cerberus Networks offers a powerful and highly competitive range of business IP telephony services with increased functionality and reduced costs when compared to traditional telephony solutions.

MyCloud PBX

Provided as a hosted cloud-based service, MyCloud PBX is a powerful business phone system that gives you all the features and flexibility of an onsite solution at a fraction of the cost and with no up-front investment on system hardware.

You can choose from a range of a business handsets or use existing hardware if supported  and running up-to-date firmware.

As well as handsets you also have the option to use an advanced softphone on your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device, for no extra cost. Set-up is a snap with centrally deployed configuration files that connect users in seconds.
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MyCloud Voice

With the accelerating switch-off of the national fixed-line telephony network, many users are looking for a simple, flexible and cost-effective replacement for fixed-line PSTN telephone services. That is why Cerberus has introduced MyCloud Voice.

MyCloud Voice provides the features you need with cost effective rental and calling. We have also used a platform that is compatible with a very wide range of hardware and software including wired handsets, DECT wireless handsets, dedicated ATAs, router-integrated ATAs and software clients to ensure maximum compatibility with any hardware or software you already have.
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Cerberus Horizon

Cerberus Horizon is a hosted telephony solution suitable for businesses of all sizes that eliminates the requirement for a hardware PBX. With a simple monthly subscription per user, it offers a full range of features such as auto-attendant, voicemail and call recording - all without the upfront costs.

Internal company calls and calls to UK geographic and mobile are also free (subject to fair usage) with calls to other destinations charged at significantly lower rates than traditional fixed-line telephony.
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SIP Trunks

Any business with a PBX can switch to Cerberus SIP trunks and immediately benefit from a more flexible, less expensive and more resilient phone service.

SIP trunk services are cheaper per channel than ISDN and PSTN services and call charges over SIP are significantly lower than using fixed lines. Our standard SIP trunk service include call bundles on UK geographical calls, extending to include UK mobile calls (subject to fair usage) on a 36 month contract.
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3CX is a software-based PBX ideal for small and medium enterprises. It is feature-rich, easy to install and manage and provides all the functionality of traditional systems with lower set-up and maintenance costs

System users can choose from a range of business-ready handsets and conference phones, as well as software clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
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