Cerberus Fibre on Demand (known as FTTP on Demand, FTTPoD or FoD) provides Gigabit-capable fibre broadband throughout the UK. With a range of packages offering up to 900bpps down and 115Mbps upstream, you can take off into the always-on, cloud-connected world.
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FTTP on Demand provides full-fibre broadband, as a bespoke installation by Openreach to your premises. It is available across the UK – even in areas that cannot reliably get FTTC.

Fibre on Demand differs from standard Cerberus FTTP in a number of important ways. As the fibre is delivered to your premises as a custom build, a substantial installation charge will apply. These Installation charges are determined following an onsite site survey at your premises.

The lead time for installation is dependent on the amount of work needed to get the fibre to your location. This is based on the distance to the nearest NGA aggregation node but could vary according to the local network infrastructure - or the local geography.

After the standard 12 month contract, Fibre on Demand can be re-graded to a regular Cerberus FTTP service. These services typically have lower pricing and a wider range of bandwidth options than the FoD variant of FTTP.

Linked Orders - Work with neighbours to share installation costs

A unique feature of Cerberus Fibre on Demand is the option to share the installation costs with neighbours also wanting to upgrade to ultrafast broadband.

As long as the neighbouring premises are all reasonably close to each other, much of the new fibre infrastructure installed by Openreach can be used to serve a cluster of premises without adding significantly to the overall costs.

For linked FoD orders, Openreach survey all interested premises and provides a single cost to deliver fibre to all of them. For a few premises, the total cost will often be only marginally more than delivering service to a single address.

This total installation charge is then split between all participating customers, resulting in a much lower build charge per customer. Working with neighbours in this way means you can make ultrafast fibre broadband cost-effective almost anywhere in the UK.

Cerberus provides all the assistance and order management tools needed to facilitate Linked Fibre on Demand orders and by combining group orders with the various government broadband grant schemes currently available, it can sometimes even be possible to get the service installed for free!
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Cerberus Fibre on Demand (FoD)
  • Up to 900Mbps down
  • Up to 115Mbps up
  • Choice of dynamic, 1, 4 or 8 static IPs
  • Unlimited usage (subject to AUP)
  • NetSTATS monitoring and alerting
  • Go climate positive with Net Zero Broadband


  • 40/2Mbps FoD Basic: £38.00 Monthly**
  • 115/20Mbps FoD Plus: £75.00 Monthly**
  • 300/30Mbps FoD Pro: £90.00 Monthly**
  • 450/75Mbps FoD XL2: £115.00 Monthly**
  • 900/115Mbps FoD Ultra2: £145.00 Monthly**
Services subject to 12 month contract
Check availability and Request Pricing
*Activation charge is variable and subject to survey. Check availability to request pricing for activation at your location.
**Pricing applies to Ofcom Market B exchanges. Service can be re-graded to a “native” FTTP service after completion of the initial 12 month contract.
Important Information about Fibre on Demand
  • FoD is eligible UK-wide for funding via the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme. The Scottish and Welsh Governments and many councils in England offer significant levels of funding in addition to Rural Vouchers. Multiple orders may be submitted as part of a group order and voucher funding pooled to cover the installation charges.
  • The minimum contract term for Fibre on Demand orders is 12 months.
  • The installation charge for the service will be confirmed after the field survey. The lead time for field surveys is around 28 days but is subject to local availability.
  • The estimated minimum lead time for activation is an average of 180 working days from completion of planning work following the field survey.
  • Due to the variable nature of FoD installations, the estimated lead time is for guidance only and is not subject to SLA.
  • The field survey charge of £250.00 + VAT is payable in advance and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
  • The above information is shown for guidance only. Full terms and conditions are available upon request.