Carbon Neutral Broadband 

What is Cerberus Net Zero Broadband?

All Internet usage creates carbon emissions. Cerberus Net Zero Broadband provides a simple way to calculate and offset those emissions. When you sign up for a Broadband Carbon Offset Plan, each month, we will calculate your Internet usage during the previous month and send you a statement by email. We then add the offset charge to your next invoice for the broadband service. All offset charges go directly and in full to ClimateCare to pay for recognised and accredited Carbon Offset schemes.

What's more, if you want to maximise the effect of your investment, then you have the option to offset 200% or 300% of you emissions associated with your usage, and if you do, Cerberus will pay to double your offsets, so you can offset as much as 6 times your emissions, making you a climate champion!
It’s as simple as that. You are free to change your Broadband Carbon Offset Plan at any time via our NetCONNECT portal.

Carbon Offset Plan Description Investment per Month Carbon Impact
Climate Neutral (Net Zero) We will offset carbon emissions for up to 2TB of Internet usage per month £1.00 + VAT 100% Offset (Neutral)
Climate Positive We will offset TWICE the carbon emissions of up to 2TB of Internet usage per month AND we will offset the same again at our expense. £2.00 + VAT 400% Offset
(300% Positive)
Climate Champion We will offset THREE TIMES the carbon emissions of up to 2TB of Internet usage per month AND we will offset the same again at our expense. £3.00 + VAT 600% Offset
(500% Positive)

You can choose a Carbon Offset Plan for the following Cerberus broadband services:
Cerberus FTTP & Gfast  Cerberus FTTC Cerberus ADSL2 Cerberus Bonded FTTC Cerberus Bonded ADSL

Why Offset?

While electricity grids still rely to a substantial extent on fossil fuel power, there is a limit to how much we can reduce emissions due to electricity usage. There are also other emissions that are currently hard to avoid; such as those from transport and heating and cooling. Cerberus Networks already works with Climate Care to offset our carbon emissions that cannot yet be eliminated.

However, in addition to emissions within our network which we already offset, there are emissions associated with the use of the Internet that are caused outside of our network. These are the emissions you can offset with Cerberus Net Zero Broadband.
Internet traffic uses electrical power by using network and computing equipment around the world. The traffic creates a demand for Internet capacity (i.e. the fixed installation of equipment) and also uses power when information is transmitted around the world using electrical or optical signals across wires and fibre optic cables.
By assessing the amount of carbon emitted by Internet usage on a monthly basis, we can offset that amount of carbon on your behalf, and more.

How are the figures calculated?

Using findings in recent research, we can assess the power consumption associated with Internet traffic.
Then we based an EU/USA average carbon intensity for electricity, we can calculate that emissions from Internet traffic.

Lastly we factor in the cost of offsetting CO2 emissions by ClimateCare and their Climate+Care programme.

Using this model, you can offset the emissions associated with up to 2TB of Internet usage each month for £1.00+VAT.
However, by boosting your investment in offsets, you have the option offsetting more carbon than that emitted by your Internet usage,  making a positive contribution to protecting the climate. What's more, if you do that, then Cerberus will match your contribution, doubling your impact.

Who is ClimateCare?

ClimateCare is trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations to deal with complex issues around climate and sustainability. They rely on ClimateCare to deliver results that are good for the world and their business.
With over 150 years’ collective experience in the global carbon markets and climate change sector, they make a real difference for the world. They helped shape the first voluntary carbon markets and pioneered the use of carbon finance for community-based development projects.
By 2007, they achieved 1 million tonnes of CO2 reductions and were acquired by investment bank J.P. Morgan the following year. In 2011, ClimateCare bought the business back. Since then, they have deployed over $100 million, working with partners to create positive social and environmental outcomes.

ClimateCare are partners with International Carbon Reduction and Offset alliance, UN Climate Neutral Now, the International Emissions Trading Association and Connect4Climate, ensuring that their offsetting projects are highly effective and UN certified.