Cerberus Network Services provide the control and intelligence you need to deliver the full potential from your connectivity services. We know that an Internet connection is a vital tool at the heart of your IT and communications systems so maintaining visibility and security of the service allows to maximum the effectiveness of the service.

NetSTATS Monitoring Service

Cerberus NetSTATS delivers simple and effective monitoring and alerting of these services to give accurate reporting on bandwidth utilisation and also to immediately alert you if the service becomes unavailable for any reason.

By gathering data from your router or firewall equipment on a regular basis every hour of every day, NetSTATS monitors service availability and builds up a profile of utilisation on your broadband service, both for upstream and downstream traffic.
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Automated Router Provisioning with TR-069

Managing broadband routers, especially in bulk across a large estate of connections, presents businesses with several challenges. Ongoing management requires technicians to either log-on remotely or guide end users through management of their equipment. When hardware requires replacement due to fault or obsolescence the process must start again.

Cerberus now offers TR-069 automated remote router provisioning and management via its NetCONNECT portal for certified routers.
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Broadband Security with ACLs

Cerberus provides a perfect platform for delivering connections secured against abuse. Using on-demand ACLs (Access Control Lists), the customer can restrict the traffic to and from a broadband connection to only trusted sources and traffic types.

ACLs provide downstream and upstream firewalling for your broadband service applied in our core network. This is ideal for connections used by applications such as VoIP or for branch office connections as they allow you enforce bullet-proof network security centrally and without requiring specialised devices onsite.

ACLs can be applied via the NetCONNECT portal on a per-connection on demand. Choose from a set of standard Cerberus ACLs or create your own specific for your requirements.
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Hosted Security

Centralised, hosted security and management provided by MyCloud Hosted Firewall allows clients to determine exactly how traffic will be prioritised and secured across the private network and out onto the Internet via secure break-out. Clients can choose from a range of security services between sites and to/from the Internet including firewall, IPS and application control, antivirus and web content filtering.

Cerberus uses industry leading Unified Threat Management technology from Fortinet at the heart of your wide area network to deliver a full suite of traffic management and security services, end-to-end across the network. With 24x7 management services, reporting and analytics and advanced monitoring, all delivered on high-availability firewall clusters, our hosted security services provide powerful network management as well as peace of mind.
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