The changing demands of wireless networks

The demands of the modern network have changed dramatically in the last few years. Offices that use to be dominated by wired PCs have been transformed into environments where wireless devices such as tablets and smart phones are as important to users as desktops.Often these changes have not been planned and put huge pressure on wireless networks that were designed for a previous era. This means users get slow, unreliable wireless connectivity.

The good news is that Cerberus has a next-generation wireless network solution to suit your technical requirements and your budget.


A tailored solution for your organisation

Cerberus partners with 2 vendors to provide a solution to suit your needs.

SMEs need a fast, cost-effective and easy-to-manage wireless network but with the scalabillity to serve multiple locations without an expensive management system. Cerberus meets these requirements with equipment and management services from Ubiquiti Networks, the best-of-breed vendor in the industry for SME and specialised wireless applications.

For larger organisations, the key requirements of a wireless networks are reliablilty, performance, seamless failover and security. Aerohive Networks provides the leading intelligent, enterprise wireless network solution. Featuring sophisticated tools for deployment, traffic management and self-healing network resilience, Aerohive APs and switches provide an innovative and powerful wireless solution for enterprises.

A fresh, smart solution

Both Ubiquiti and Aerohive deliver wireless solutions that are affordable and manageable, delivering wireless networks without the drop-outs, slow speeds and management overheads that are so prevalent in traditional wireless network solutions.

The 'controller-less' architecture delivers all the features of an enterprise-grade wireless solution starting with just a single AP and scales to provide additional coverage, or support for higher usage, by just adding access points - all without needing to think about controller and licensing costs.
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