MyCloud Connect is Cerberus' suite of connectivity services for private wide area networks, available on nearly all of our standard connectivity services.

MyCloud Connect turns a set of individual Internet connections into a single managed wide area network, using the right technology at each site, simplifying security, management and lowering costs.

MyCloud Connect delivers the reliable performance you demand and expect for connectivity to your Cerberus MyCloud services, from Exchange and Lync services, to Computing or Online Backup. Using a single, integrated and optimised Ethernet network, we ensure that your connectivity delivers the best possible access to your key cloud services.
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Cloud Connect Services

Cloud Connect takes you to your services via the most direct route

Organisations can often find themselves with their Cloud and VoIP services hosted by one provider while another connects them to the Internet. This introduces many routing ‘hops’ as the traffic goes from you, to your Internet provider, and then over the Internet via a number of intermediaries, to your services. This introduces delay and can cause a reduction of service levels and a lack of accountability from providers should any issues occur.

By avoiding Internet transit, we eliminate the majority of ‘hops’ between you and your hosted services. This reduces latency and ensures consistent delivery of traffic at the rates required to run services effectively and reliably.

When it comes to applications like VoIP and video streaming this fast, reliable delivery of traffic is essential. We deliver your public voice traffic direct to our outbound SIP provider over dedicated resilient interconnects with the lowest possible latency meaning you get reliable calls with crystal clear quality at all times.
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