Internet connections are not all the same

Get a fast reliable connection, and much more with Cerberus connectivity.

Cerberus delivers a leading range of Internet connectivity and network services in the UK. We have one of the most flexible networks in the industry, ensuring fast, reliable access for Internet, VoIP and cloud services at all times.

With monitoring and usage stats, network security, advanced line management and automated router provisioning available with every service, our connectivity portfolio is designed to reduce administration and increase productivity.

Cerberus partners with the major UK network operators to provide a genuine choice of connectivity options from SOADSL to 10Gbps Ethernet. Our range of WAN services and data centre co-location provides a robust, high-performance platform that can be optimised for each client's business applications. We work with an extensive network of reseller partners and affiliates, offering an integrated portfolio of products and services in a competitive and fast moving industry.


From SOADSL to Bonded SOGEA, SOGFAST and Gigabit FTTP, Cerberus provides an industry-leading suite or suite of business-ready broadband services based on nationwide networks from BT and TalkTalk Business. From home workers to SMEs, our broadband services provide fast, affordable connectivity across the UK.

With 24x7 phone support and comprehensive ordering and service management via our portal, Cerberus Broadband services are ideal for businesses of all sizes, as well as for reseller partners.
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Our range of Ethernet services provide next-generation connectivity for business-critical services. Ideal for voice, cloud services and wide area networks, Ethernet services provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity with superior reliability and service levels.

From 100Mbps services up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet leased lines and beyond, Cerberus Ethernet services provide a rock solid foundation for your Internet and WAN services.
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Mobile Data

Our range of 4G and 5G mobile data services is designed to provide always-on connectivity and provide a reliable backup for fixed line services, ensuring you are never left in the dark.

From low-cost 1G Multinetwork SIMs for IoT applications to unlimited high-speed 5G services, Cerberus mobile data services provide robust connectivity wherever you need it.
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Wide Area Networks

For businesses looking to bring together multiple sites into a single managed network, Cerberus Networks lead the way in providing cost-effective private, managed wide area networks that allow businesses to re-think how they work. With complete control over traffic flows and security, your entire business can truly work as one, regardless of location.

Our ‘ground up’ approach eliminates many of the barriers of location that can prevent a more flexible and rational approach to situating and managing essential business services.
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Network Services

Bandwidth is not the only thing you need to successfully manage your connectivity. Visibility, control, security and scalable provisioning are often as important as the connection itself.

Cerberus provides a market-leading suite of off-the-shelf network services that allow you to maximise your investment in connectivity, as well as reducing operational costs significantly. ACLs, TR-069, hosted security and other network services allow you to transform how you use and manage your connectivity.
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