Appointment charge to apply to Simultaneous Provides for PSTN and Broadband

BT have updated their policy on charges for SIM2 activations of broadband services.

Originally, when activating a new broadband connection, BT would offer a choice of AM or PM appointment at no extra charge. They subsequently changed this policy to charge for the option to choose an AM or PM appointment. Since this change, the only option for activation without a surcharge has been the ALL DAY appointment slot.

However, when installing new PSTN phone lines, Openreach operate on the basis of AM or PM appointments. This has the knock-on consequence that if you order a Simultaneous Provide for a new PSTN phone line and broadband to be installed at the same time, then the broadband activation is effectively getting an AM or PM appointment.

BT have now updated their policy and are passing through this charge from Openreach. This means that for new orders, an appointment charge of £25.00 + VAT will apply to all SIM2 provide orders.