Update 27-12-2023 13:59

SSE engineers are still working on the issue but due to the nature of the fault, they pushed the ETR to 20:00.


Update 27-12-2023 12:25

Due to the fire, SSE were told by the fire bridge they couldn't access the building for a while. However, repairs are ongoing now. We do not have an timeframe yet but we will continue to monitor the situation and post updates here.


Update 27-12-2023 10:10
SSE engineers are still working to get the power restored and aiming to restore the power by midday.
We have started all the critical customer servers / services from the alternate power source and servers are working steadily. If you are still observing any issues with your hosted servers / services, please contact the Support Team on 0345 257 1335 or at support@cerberusnetworks.co.uk.


Update 27-12-2023 08:00

SSE engineers are en route and should arrive by 0900. They should have power restored by 1200.


Update 27-12-2023 07:15
SSE are currently arranging their team for the site visit to get the power issue fixed. When we get an ETA we will post the update here.


Update 26-12-2023 21:20 

SSE are not currently able to restore power due to access being limited by LFB. They expect to get access by 07:00 tomorrow when they will be able to restore power. 


There has been a major power outage in the Greenford area due to fire incident affecting our office and server hosting centre.

The outage has affected the following customer systems

MyCloud Computing Business Edition services
MyCloud PBX services
MyCloud Colocation to the list please

We apologise for the disruption to your services. We are working urgently with the power provider to restore power in the area as soon as possible If you have any queries, please contact the Support Team email at support@cerberusnetworks.co.uk.

We will post updates as soon as we have them.