Cerberus has many years experience deploying and managing technology solutions for our clients. Our method of engaging early and working closely with our clients throughout the planning, design, deployment and support of new technical solutions has a track record of producing great results, delivered within budget and on-time.

Our team will work with you across a wide range of technical disciplines to design and implement innovative solutions and great value for money. 

The following are some key areas where we work with clients to transform business processes and capabilities.
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Microsoft Solutions

Cerberus is a Microsoft Silver Partner with over 10 years experience working with the leader in business software.

As both a cloud-hosting partner and with years of experience delivering on-premises solutions, Cerberus is perfectly positioned to advise on buying and deploying Microsoft products and services. Our consultants have experience delivering public, private and hybrid cloud services, and work with our technical pre-sales team to build tailored solutions that achieve your business goals.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The impact of data loss can be catastrophic. Without access to business data, software and communications, an organisation can be reduced to an immediate standstill.

With careful planning, modern IT and communications systems can be designed to survive even severe disruption. Cerberus Networks' Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) services perform a vital role in maintaining access to key services.

Cerberus will work with you on every stage of the process to design and deliver a robust and effective BC/DR plan for your organisation - from business analysis to ongoing maintenance and review.
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Migration to the Cloud

As a provider of both private and public cloud services, Cerberus is well placed to help clients find the cloud model that offers the best fit. There are two key things to get right:
  • Which services should you move to the cloud and which should you keep onsite?
  • How can data be migrated without any disruption?
Cerberus will work with you to understand the requirements of your business as well as the demands on your IT to make sure you get the best possible outcome. We have a great track record in assisting clients migrate services to the cloud cost-effectively and with minimal disruption - and in a way that lets you effectively manage the ongoing support and administration.
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Virtualisation and Hybrid-Cloud

Virtualisation dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of IT systems. Under the old 'one server, one application' model internal resources were often under-utilised, with IT administrators spending too much time managing servers instead of working strategically.

Virtualisation lowers costs and redefines the computing environment by freeing computers from their physical hardware.

Deploying a virtualised computing infrastructure can deliver the following key benefits
  • Reduced hardware capex, maintenance and running costs
  • High-availability resilient computing
  • Simple, flexible and robust disaster recovery
  • More effective desktop management with virtual desktop solutions
Cerberus Networks works with Microsoft, the industry leaders in the virtualisation space to deliver end-to-end virtual infrastructure solutions. We also can also integrate your on-premise virtual computing environment with our hosted cloud computing services, and cloud-optimised business connectivity to provide powerful, robust and secure hybrid-cloud solutions.
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