Cerberus partners with Fortinet to provide industry-leading Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems for a wide range of applications and clients. UTM provides an integrated multi-layer approach to securing traffic flows specially design to protect against advanced, fast-moving blended threats that target organisations of any size.

By deploying a powerful UTM firewall in the cloud, rather than at each premises, you can reduce cost, increase reliability and dramatically simplify operations and administration for your whole network.

Read our case study on how Cerberus successfully helped top 100 digital agency Hugo & Cat implement a Private Network and Unified Communications platform with Skype for Business and Microsoft 365.
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Reliable, centralised deployment

Using MyCloud Hosted Security means that security for your entire network, across any number of locations, can be centralised and managed consistently. Managing multiple network entry points and duplicated security policies in different locations can give rise to error or omission and the chance that threats will be missed. By centralising security for the whole network, all policy and security administration is done in one place, minimising risks and reducing administration overheads.

As with all Cloud-based services, Cerberus Hosted Security runs on a resilient hardware cluster rather than a single device. This means that even if one of the appliances suffers a hardware failure, the cluster will still continue to operate as normal, dramatically increasing network availability.
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