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Supplementing, supporting, consulting and collaborating; Cerberus' range of IT services provides exactly what your business needs, when they need it.We give you access to the very latest enterprise level technology, consultancy and managed IT support services, all tailored to your exact needs.

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IT Support Programmes

Cerberus Networks understand that businesses of all sizes depend on their IT to operate at their peak. That's why we have a suite of IT service programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation.

You can let us take up as much of the burden of IT management and support as you need, so you can get on with what you are best at.
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Network Security

Cybercrime is an established threat to every business, regardless of size of activity. Protecting against the ever-changing threat landscape is vital to protect your data, your clients and your productivity.

Cerberus can help you address the security challenges that face your organisation with expert guidance as well as practical, affordable technology solutions.
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Technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate and the opportunity to leverage this for improved business performance can come from so many different angles. Our team is expert in using our experience and know-how to deliver real business transformation.

Engaging with Cerberus to deliver your project requirements will enable you to not only benefit from our technical expertise, but also to have the advantage of working with our experienced pre-sales engineers and project managers to ensure you get not only great technical outcomes, but also value for money and a coherent technical vision.
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Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are a key demand of modern organisations. Wireless is now the predominant form of connectivity within the LAN.

Businesses need a wireless infrastructure that delivers consistent performance, reliability in the face of outages and security. And in a distributed organisation, deploying wireless effectively across multiple sites has its own challenges.

Cerberus can help you navigate these challenges and deploy a wireless network that provide the fast, reliable and manageable network that your business needs.
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