MyCloud Network brings your offices and people together into a single network

By creating a private network within our core network your organisation can radically simplify connectivity between offices and remote or mobile workers. Not only do our wide area network solutions improve application performance applications and simplify administration with MyCloud Hosted Security, you can enforce network security and policy in one location instead of managing multiple firewalls, VPNs and remote access systems.

Read our Case Study to find out how we provided IBI Group, the prestigious international architects, with a flexible, powerful and cost-effective nationwide network with centralised security and hosted services.
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MyCloud Network provides a flexible and integrated platform, ideal for all applications such as VoIP, video, remote desktop, PCoIP, data backup and DR.

From fibre Ethernet services at your main offices to FTTP, SOGEA, ADSL2+ and 4G data connections for home and mobile workers, MyCloud Network allows you to consolidate your entire network into one coherent connected architecture, lowering costs, increasing efficiency and making network management and security dramatically more effective.

By having access to a wide variety of technologies for use with your MyCloud Network, you can tailor the solution to the precise needs of each site, making for an efficient and cost effective solution.
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For large or dynamic organisations, our software-defined networking approach even allows for services for branch offices and home workers such as FTTPand SOGEA to be provisioned into your MyCloud Network on demand. No more complex and expensive set-up for new sites. Just order the relevant MyCloud service in our NetCONNECT portal and the connection will automatically be configured for access to your MyCloud Network.
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