Automated Router Provisioning with TR-069

Managing a broadband network relies on effective and scalable management of customer premises equipment (CPE). Being able to automatically configure routers for customers' services without taking the router out of the box is a reality with Cerberus Networks TR-069 platform, integrated directly into NetCONNECT, our broadband provisioning and management system.

TR-069 allows you to send a router into the field with a factory default configuration and take care of all standard provisioning configuration (PPP login, IP address, wireless network, etc) remotely from the NetCONNECT service management portal. This is elegantly integrated into our broadband ordering and provisioning systems to maximise efficiency and minimise opportunities for error that are key for driving down costs associated with CPE.

So what does this mean for you?

  • Send out a router with a default TR-069 template (pre-installed by Cerberus) and when the customer plugs it into their broadband connection, it automatically gets the correct PPP details for their service and connects to the Internet
  • Control all key settings of routers in the field centrally via the NetCONNECT control panel without ever having to log onto the router remotely
  • Select an TR-069-enabled router when ordering your new broadband service with direct-drop to your end user
  • Easily replace failed equipment in the field without any need to manually configure replacement equipment and keep the same settings as before automatically
  • Optional direct access to our TR-069 control panel for advanced management, monitoring and reporting on your services and equipment
  • Select TR-069 as an option with each service you order, and specify router settings in advance, or from your own default template
Cerberus can provide you with the most seamless TR-069 experience as we integrate the entire lifecycle of both broadband service and router from stock management and assignment of routers to services, through initial configuration that automatically uses the correct PPP details for a customers connection to router replacement and automatic maintenance of settings from one router to its replacement.

TR-069 is available as an optional service with all Cerberus FTTC, Cerberus ADSL2+ and Cerberus ADSL Max services.

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