Traffic management for critical applications

Quality of Service allows you to control how your connections use their bandwidth to provide dependable service for applications that you care about, even at busy times or when a connection is saturated.

QoS is implemented at the network layer by Cerberus core and edge routers to ensure guaranteed delivery of priority traffic flows such as VoIP or VPN applications. With the right QoS applied to your connection, you can ensure that the service will provide a rock-sold platform for your key business applications.

Granular QoS for Ethernet

Custom QoS is available as standard on managed Ethernet services. This includes fibre Ethernet Leased Lines and is optional with EFM connections. Along with their overall performance guarantees, this makes them ideal for wide area network or IPV)PN solutions. Cerberus implements QoS policies on demand on all managed Ethernet services, both downstream at our network edge and upstream on our EDD equipment, providing a comprehensive and completely tailored service.

On-Demand management of broadband services

Furthermore, broadband services such as FTTC and ADSL2+ can be upgraded to support QoS per connection. Cerberus provide a set of standard QoS templates that can be applied to each broadband connection via our NetCONNECT portal. For clients with specific applications or servers that they wish to support, we provide client-specific QoS policies so you can ensure delivery of traffic on specific TCP or UDP ports, or even traffic from specific servers is prioritised over other traffic using the connection. This is ideal for VoIP or application providers requiring guaranteed connectivity to their services, even at busy times. The power to ensure deliver of your traffic is vital in maintaining the performance of your services, and your reputation.
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