MyCloud DNS Protect provides you with a fast, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy way to protect your users from online threats. By filtering DNS requests and blocking unwanted content, you can quickly add a powerful layer of protection to your network and your users, wherever they are.

The service adapts to emerging threats using machine learning to identify malicious content and prevent and provides visibility of your network, wherever users are.

Why MyCloud DNS Protect?

  • Block inappropriate or malicious content being accessed
  • Stop threats before they hit your network
  • Granular control over how your network and devices are used
  • Insight into what types of threats might impact your network
  • Increased productivity by blocking time-waster sites
  • User-level reporting on sites and apps used by employees
  • On-demand provisioning via the NetCONNECT portal
  • Cost-effective monthly or annual pricing

Network Deployment

MyCloud DNS Protect can easily be deployed at the network layer by configuring your equipment to use our servers, either manually or using DHCP. This can be enforced by simple firewall rules to ensure that users do not have access to other public DNS resolvers.

This allows you to deploy MyCloud DNS Protect in minutes, across your organisation.

User Deployment with Roaming Client

To provide additional visibility and protection from any network, you can deploy the roaming client for MyCloud DNS Protect to your devices. This protects the user wherever they are and allows for more granular reporting on usage and activity.

Roaming clients can be installed on Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS or Android devices. Note, due to Apple policies, iOS devices must be in “Supervised Mode” which means they won’t work with “Bring your own device” setups. By adding this layer of protection, you significantly reduce the risk of malware infection or malicious content affecting your users. And with the AppAware feature, you can block over 100 risky applications from being used by your devices.

Integrated provisioning with TR-069

For customers using Cerberus connectivity and TR-069 services for router configuration, when you add MyCloud DNS Protect on a connection, your router will automatically be configured to use the correct DNS servers to enable the service.

Just check the box when ordering a new connection, or add the service to an existing connection, and the rest is done for you.

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