As part of a complete suite of voice and data services, Cerberus partners with the leading business mobile networks in the UK to provide a flexible and cost-effective range of mobile voice and data services. Cerberus can provide access to the full range of business services from Vodafone as well as providing access to a wide range of handsets, smartphones and other handheld devices.

Our simply monthly subscription model makes it easy to manage your costs, giving you complete control over the services and handsets that your users can access.

As a leading provider of connectivity and cloud services, Cerberus can help you bridge the divide between your business connectivity and cloud services and your mobile voice and data services. This allows you to easily manage your spend on communications across the entire business with one partner while benefiting from best-of-breed services from the UK's best business mobile carriers. Our MyCloud hosted services are also fully compatible and integrated with the leading mobile voice and data technologies.

You receive your bills from Cerberus on a monthly basis with full call record data attached in an easy-to-understand CSV file. You can further view invoices and CDRs and manage payments via our online NetCONNECT portal any time. Call us now to speak to a mobile specialist and find the right mobile service for your business.
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Fixed Line

Fixed line telephony services remain the backbone of many communications systems, both for voice and for supporting broadband data services. Cerberus provide a full suite of conventional analogue and digital services using the BT network nationwide. Our line rental and call charges are always competitive and we advise on the best services and tariffs for your needs.

We can also complement all our fixed line and IP services with International inbound call routing to provide your organisation with a global presence. If you are ordering PSTN services for broadband data services we will automatically arrange simultaneous provision of the services to provide activation of the broadband service as soon as the phone line is installed. For urgent orders we can also arrange expedited installation.
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