Simple, cost-effective SIP telephony for PSTN-replacement

With the accelerating switch-off of the national fixed-line telephony network, many users are looking for a simple, flexible and cost-effective replacement for fixed-line PSTN telephone services. That is why Cerberus has introduced MyCloud Voice.

MyCloud Voice provides the features you need with cost effective rental and calling. We have also used a platform that is compatible with a very wide range of hardware and software including wired handsets, DECT wireless handsets, dedicated ATAs, router-integrated ATAs and software clients to ensure maximum compatibility with any hardware or software you already have.
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The features you need at an affordable price

MyCloud Voice is tailored to provide everything you need to replace a fixed line telephone service, along with some additional features that make calling and receiving calls easier.

Dedicated geographical number with prefix of your choice included Supports number porting to keep your existing phone number
Voicemail, Call-forwarding, Call Barring and Caller ID Missed call notification and voicemail delivered by email
Free calls to UK geographical and mobile networks* Wide choice of hardware and software for easy, convenient access to the service
* See Rate Card for details

Low cost set-up, rental and calling costs

MyCloud Voice can be ordered on a 1-month or 12-month contract with simple monthly billing for rental and calls. 12-month contracts include free set-up.

MyCloud Voice services come with a very cost-effective calling plan. All services include UK geographical calls and UK mobile calls free of charge (subject to AUP) and attractive rates on other destinations.
Supporting a wide range of supported hardware and software you can even bring your old analogue phone. Choose from handsets from Yealink, Cisco, a wide array or software for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, or terminal adapters to work with your existing analogue handsets.

Keep your old phone number or get a new one

With MyCloud Voice, you can choose between getting a new phone number with a prefix of your choice or porting your existing fixed-line PSTN phone number to us when you buy the service.

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