Cost-effective tailored server hosting for small and medium businesses

If you want to securely host your servers off-site but wish to continue managing your own hardware, Cerberus delivers a secure, cost-effective and tailored solution for your needs. From a single server to multiple racks, our facilities allow you to site your servers in the cloud, providing fast, secure access for users wherever they are.
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MyCloud Colocation services provide the following benefits
  • Flexible contracts from 12 month contract with low set-up fees
  • Rapid deployment
  • From 2U to multiple racks
  • High speed resilient connectivity from 100Mbps
  • Redundant and UPS-protected power options
  • Simple power pricing plans
  • Onsite technical support team with cost-effective "remote hands"

Why Colocation?

Colocation relieves the organisation of the requirement to maintain a secure and suitable environment for critical server infrastructure at the office. That means no need to provide reliable power, cooling, physical space and security for servers which are increasingly expensive and burdensome to deliver for small and medium enterprises.

By colocating your servers with a trusted provider, you can deliver greater connectivity and flexible access to your systems for users wherever they may be working. In a modern hybrid cloud working environment, it makes less and less sense to have IT resources concentrated in one office. For remote workers and small branch offices, colocation provides ready access to servers via fast, resilient connectivity without depending on connectivity or services and a central office.

MyCloud Colocation

Cerberus provides secure colocation with integrated connectivity into our suite of MyCloud connectivity services. That means integrated network security and control for your servers with the rest of your network. It means fast-access via direct multi-gigabit Ethernet links. It means simplified network design and management.

Control your equipment with help on hand when you need it

We provide the rack space, power and connectivity while you can manage and maintain your servers. Via our cost-effective Remote Hands service, you can call us to make physical changes to your equipment such as restarts, reconnections and other tasks with response times from 4 hours to 1 hour.

Sizing the solution for your needs

From 2U to multiple racks, from 1A of power to 32A per rack, from 50Mbps of connectivity to multiple gigabits, we can provide the right solution for your needs at cost-effective prices.

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