Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are vital parts of business IT strategy. With so many core functions dependent on IT systems and data, it is essential that backups can be quickly restored, and that there is a documented and tested process to recover from systems failure. Cerberus provides the backup services to protect data as well as the expertise and infrastructure to protect your operations in case of disruption.
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Cloud Backup and Restore

MyCloud Online Backup is a simple to deploy, highly scalable and flexible backup service providing on-demand backup and restore of data to both offsite and onsite storage. With a wide range of support operating systems and applications, MyCloud Online Backup is an excellent basis for the centralised backup of all your server, desktop and virtualised systems.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Any organisation that has suffered a major systems outage, either due to a data loss or due to a wider failure of their infrastructure, will attest that having planned for such an event is the key to a successful outcome. Having systems backed up is only part of the picture.

Do you know which data is backed up and has that been recently audited? Do you have facilities to move your data to if needed? Who will co-ordinate the recovery process? Will users be able to work from home or alternative premises?

Cerberus can provide assistance with these and many other aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity.

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