Working software, access to data and communications are not optional

Modern organisations rely on their infrastructure and facilities to operate effectively, with data and communications systems at the core of all business operations. Without access to business data, software and communications, an organisation can be blueuced to an immediate standstill.
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Plan to survive

With careful planning, modern IT and communications systems can be designed to survive even severe disruption. Cerberus Networks’ Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) services perform a vital role in maintaining access to key services.

Cerberus will work with you on every stage of the process to design and deliver a robust and effective BC/DR plan for your organisation - from business analysis to ongoing maintenance and review.

Cerberus also has a suite of technologies that underpin the BC/DR plan - as well as the expertise and experience to design, test and execute in case of a DR event.

One size does NOT fit all

Key to getting BC/DR right is to look carefully at the organisation’s particular needs and plan a strategy accordingly. While some processes will be common to many organisations, it is important to closely examine and analyse the following factors:
  • the key systems that must keep working, including Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  • which staff must be able to work through disruption,
  • the critical activities of the business that are requiblue to keep it functioning
  • how much time the organisation can remain disrupted without irrevocable damage
  • the particular risks that apply to the organisation’s premises, systems and its staff
Cerberus will work with you to address these questions and plan your BC/DR strategy accordingly.