Colocation can play a key role in building a reliable, connected hosted infrastructure. Cerberus provides colocation as a standalone service or as part of an integrated connectivity and wide area network solution.

We offer colocation across multiple UK locations. By assessing your requirements for connectivity, location and redundancy we can provide the best match for your colocation services at the best price.

Standard Colocation

Our scalable colocation offerings allow you to take anything from 1U of space up to multiple racks if required. We provide a managed set-up process, reliable power feeds and your choice of connectivity service from 10Mbps to 1Gbps, delivered over single or dual-redundant Ethernet feeds, with direct Internet access or connectivity into your own private WAN cloud.

Our colocation services are operational and supported 24x7 by our on-call team.

Managed Colocation

If you are looking for colocation of computing or storage services but do not have the resources to support or manage an offsite environment, then Managed Colocation is the perfect solution. Cerberus will provide a managed network and security environment including switching, firewall, power protection and monitoring. Plus we can optionally also handle all support issues relating to your hardware including onsite troubleshooting, diagnostics and liaison with 3rd party maintainers. This ensures you peace of mind that while your systems are in our premises, they and their environment is actively managed to ensure uptime and security.
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Telehouse North

Colocation in Telehouse North, London, E14 9AA provides premium quality facilities at the heart of the UK Internet. Colocation services at Telehouse offer the following features:
  • Space provided by the U
  • Dual-feed power available with generator backup
  • Biometric security and 24x7 managed access
  • Transit up to 1Gbps available with options for private cabling to other Telehouse locations
  • Prices from £75+VAT per month

Greenford Server Facility

Colocation services in our Greenford Server Facility offer an idea location for offsite servers, backup and DR systems, development or staging environments and cost-effective hosting platforms. These services have the following features:
  • Space provided by U, quarter rack half rack or full rack
  • Dual-feed power available with UPS backup
  • Keycode and swipe card security with CCTV
  • Transit up to 250Mbps available
  • Prices from £45+VAT per month