Cerberus is proud to announce its new range of next generation broadband services, delivering speeds of up to 330Mbps, at break-through affordable prices. The new range of Internet services are ideal for businesses needing ultrafast connectivity downstream and upstream, with short lead times, flexible contracts and low prices.

Cerberus FTTP services provide real-world connectivity at speeds of up to 330Mbps downstream and 30Mbps upstream over BT optical fibre all the way to the premises, requiring no separate telephone line, and delivering rock-solid performance free from interference, regardless of line length.

Cerberus G.Fast services use BT Openreach's new G.Fast technology, an enhancement to FTTC. These services run over a standard BT phone line and offer speeds up to 330Mbps, depending on line length and quality. Currently in advanced stage trial, these services are subject to limited availability, but if you are in a trial area, you can order online right now and get the benefit of this next-generation technology, months before general roll-out.

With introductory prices for 330Mbps FTTP at just £67.50 + VAT per month and 220Mbps for £55.00 + VAT per month, Cerberus is making ultrafast business connectivity available to any business, large or small at industry-leading, affordable prices. FTTP and G.Fast have lead times of just 10-15 days versus months for leased lines, and come with a choice of 12 or 24 month contracts to suit your requirements.

Visit our Cerberus FTTP and G.Fast page to find out more and order now.